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S41 E25: Master Craftsmen

A brass handrail is created. Mauro paints a chalkboard finish, and repaired balusters get reinstalled. Richard gives a lesson in make-up air, and work begins on a custom table. Heath talks smart electricity.

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In this episode:

A massive stone staircase makes quite a statement in the front of the house. Icing on the cake is a custom brass handrail that will sit on top of the stone. Kevin O’Connor meets with Jay Coughlin at a metal fabrication company to see the rails coming together.

The front room on the third floor will be a playroom for our homeowners’ daughter, Caroline. Kevin finds Mauro Henrique and Molly creating a blackboard on the closet doors.

Downstairs, Wayne is back to install the repaired balusters and refinish the unique handrail.

Richard Trethewey is in the kitchen with a lesson in make-up air.

Down in Rhode Island, Jeff Sweenor and his crew start a project to build a custom-made dining table.

Back at the house, Heath Eastman is installing a smart system that monitors every aspect of energy consumption and generation in the home.

Original Air Date: May 24, 2020 Season 41; Ep.25 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode:

Chalkboard Paint:
ECOS Paints

Walnut for Dining Room Table:
Hunt Custom Wood

Smart Home Technology:
Schneider Electric

Exterior Brass Handrail Fabrication:
Quinn Brothers Iron Works

Custom Dining Room Table Design:
SV Design

Custom Dining Room Table Build:
Sweenor Builders

Baluster Repair and Refining:
Wayne Towle Master Finishing and Restoration