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S41 E19: Losing Our Truss

Tom and Charlie Silva create a cathedral ceiling while Mark McCullough breaks through the foundation to make space for mechanicals. Kevin O’Connor learns about sun tunnels and Richard creates a plan for cooling.

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In this episode:

The original roof was held up by a traditional truss system. Our homeowners want to create a cathedral ceiling in this third-floor bonus room. Kevin O’Connor finds Tom and Charlie Silva installing a beam system that will support the roof without the truss.

The new addition will include a mudroom and bathroom. Because there’s no attic above, it makes sense to bring ductwork and plumbing in from existing basement mechanicals and branch off into crawl space below the rooms.

Kevin finds Mark McCullough starting the process of breaking through the existing stone foundation.

Our Idea House is where we test new products. Kevin travels to New Canaan, Connecticut and meets builder Gordon Jacobsen who is installing a device for bringing natural light into dark areas of the house: it’s called a sun tunnel.

Our homeowners have asked for several cooling zones. In a conventional HVAC system that could mean up to a half dozen condensers outside. Kevin finds Richard Trethewey working on a more up to date plan that recuses the condenser count to two

Original Air Date: April 12, 2020 Season 41; Ep.19 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode:

Air Conditioning:

Windows and Doors:
Sun Tunnel by Velux

Idea House Builder:
Karp Associates