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S41 E18: Between a Rock and Hardwood

Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor start laying subfloor in the new dining room. Charlie Silva shows Jenn Nawada how he’s drilling granite for the new garage and driveway. Kevin tours Cape Ann, and Tom moves an interior doorway.

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In this episode:

After several weeks of asbestos and lead removal, it’s time to start rebuilding the interior of our project. Kevin O’Connor finds Tom Silva ready to lay sub-flooring in what will become the new dining room.

A huge piece of ledge is in the way of our new garage. Charlie Silva and Jenn Nawada discuss the process for breaking it up with a hydraulic hammer.

Kevin takes a tour of Cape Ann and learns about the industries that form the backbone of the community—granite quarries, fishing, and artist colonies.

The ledge under the addition is extensive. After several days of hammering, Charlie has decided to pin the footings for the mudroom and garage to the rock. Tom gives him a hand drilling rock for rebar and scribing the forms.

Changes to the back of the house cause a need to move the door from the front hall to a new family room. Kevin finds Tom reframing for the new opening.

Original Air Date: April 5, 2020 Season 41; Ep.18 23:43

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Side trips:
Rock Neck Art Colony
Schooner Thomas E. Lannon