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S41 E11: Save the Flagpole

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In this episode:

The Westerly project is almost wrapped. Chris Stump is installing the televisions. In the playroom, he mounts a 55” tv on standard wall brackets. He and Kevin install the network connection and hang the tv on the bracket.

In the basement, the new electric hybrid water heater has arrived. Richard checks it out with Jeff who likes it because it dehumidifies the basement. This type of water heater is more efficient than the standard ones.

Outside, while the sod is being rolled out, Jenn shows Kevin the new perennials and understory trees that stabilize the hillside. She puts in low voltage LED landscape lighting that highlights selected trees in the front of the yard. Other path lights will cast light down on the new walkway and steps.

Upstairs, Scott is installing blackout shades in his daughter’s bedroom because the room will get a lot of early morning light.

Downstairs in the dining room, Scott introduces Kevin to Sue, where her team is hanging cotton drape panels that flank the new slider doorways to the deck.

Out back, the exposed wooden flagpole could use a little love. The heavy pole is in a bolted structure so Jeff’s team can slowly pivot it down using a lift. They begin to scrape and sand it to get ready for a fresh coat of paint. Next week it goes back up and the project will be complete.

Original Air Date: January 19, 2020 Season 41; Ep.11 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Custom Flat Panel Drapes
Manufacturer: Eileen & Taylor

Landscape Installation
Installer: Landscape Creations of Rhode Island

LED Outdoor Lighting
Supplier: Stateline Irrigation Supply

Supplier: Sodco, Inc.

Trees and Perennials
Supplier: Clark Farms

TV Installation
Installer: Completely Custom

Water Heater Installer
Installer: JN Jordan Plumbing