• In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey describes how an in-home sprinkler system works.

    1. Determine the home's water pressure, then have a layout technician custom-design the sprinkler system for each room.
    2. A series of plastic or steel pipes is run inside the walls, floors and ceilings, connecting to concealed sprinkler heads.
    3. In the evident of a fire, the cover plate concealing the sprinkler head drops off when temperatures reach 135 degrees.
    4. The deflector drops down, then the sprinkler head opens and sprays water onto the fire.
    5. The sprinkler system is connected to a central alert center. When the system is activated, it automatically notifies the local fire department.
    • 4 to 6 days for an average-size house
    • Starting at $2 per square foot
    • Difficulty: Hard
      System should be installed by a licensed fire-sprinkler contractor
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      Tools List

      • drill
      • pipe threading machine
        Pipe threading machine, for cutting and threading metal pipe
      • pvc pipe cutter
        PVC pipe cutter
      • wrenches and pliers
        Assorted wrenches and pliers, for assembling metal pipe

      Shopping List

      Concealed sprinkler heads

      Sprinkler-approved plastic or metal pipe and assorted fittings

      PVC primer and cement

      Pipe dope, for joining threaded metal pipe