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      Tools List

      • miter saw
        Miter saw
      • drill
        Drill driver fitted with 1-inch paddle bit and ¼-inch drill bit
      • paintbrush
      • flathead screwdriver
        Flat-head screwdriver
      • utility scissors
        Utility scissors
      • japanese pull saw
        Pull saw

      Shopping List

      1-inch dowels Get six at 36-inch lengths

      2x4s Get two 8-foot boards

      Golf balls Get at least 12

      3/16-inch twisted nylon rope Get a 10-foot rope

      Stain-blocking white primer Get 1 quart Spray paint in at least four colors

      Two ¼-by-4-inch carriage bolts

      Two ¼-inch washers

      Two ¼-inch wing nuts

      3-inch deck screws