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      Tools List

      • backpack pump sprayer
        Backpack pump sprayer
      • , for spraying on deck cleaner
      • long-handled scrub brush
        Long-handled, stiff-bristle scrub brush
      • , for scrubbing the deck clean
      • long-handled sponge applicator
        Long-handled sponge applicator
      • , used to apply stain to the deck
      • paint-mixing paddle
        Cordless drill with paint-mixing paddle
      • , for mixing the borade solution

      Shopping List

      1. Biodegradable wood cleaner, used to clean the wood surfaces

      2. Borate, used to kill algae on the deck

      3. Oil-based deck stain, for protecting and tinting the deck

      4. Oil-based exterior-grade varnish, mixed with the stain for extra weather protection

      5. Five-gallon bucket, for mixing the borade solution

      6. 2-inch-wide painter's tape, used to mask off areas you don't want to stain