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      Tools List

      • floor sander
        6-in. random-orbit floor sander, for sanding off the old floor finish
      • drywall knife
        6-inch drywall knife, used to apply wood filler
      • detail sander
        Detail sander, used to sand in tight spaces
      • hammer with nailset
        Hammer and nail set, for tapping exposed nails below the wood's surface
      • paint scraper
        Paint scraper, for removing old finish from under front edge of refrigerator

      Shopping List

      1. Window fan, used to exhaust dust-laden air from room during sanding

      2. Plastic drop cloth, used to cover adjacent doorways and block out dust

      3. Painter's tape, for holding drop cloth in place

      4. 36-, 60- and 80-grit sanding disks

      5. Wood filler, used to patch holes and cracks in floor 6. 2x4 blocks, two short blocks needed to temporarily prop up the front of the refrigerator

      7. Dust mask

      8. Safety goggles

      9. Hearing protection