• Steps:

    1 Make an appointment to visit a bathroom showroom.
    2 Check out bathroom displays to see various styles of installed fixtures.
    3 Contemporary designs include vessel sinks with water-spouting faucet inside of wall.
    4 Ceiling-mounted faucet provides unique way to fill bathtub.
    5 Larger baths can accommodate direct-vent fireplaces.
    6 Bath lavs come in wide variety including, traditional farmhouse sinks to contemporary clear-glass vessel sinks.
    7 Marble is a popular material for creating tub decks.
    8 Hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs have a fan motor that blows air—not water—through dozens of tiny holes to create the whirlpool experience.
    9 An integrated, multipurpose shower stall contains showerhead, handheld sprayer, adjustable body sprays, aroma-therapy system and steam heads.
    10 For uniformity, consider buying all the fixtures from a designer's line.
    11 To create a minimalist look, install a wall-mounted toilet that has a concealed, in-wall tank.
    12 A classic, retro-look can be obtained with an updated version of an old-fashioned console sink with matching toilet.
    13 After selecting the fixtures, choose complementary accessories, such as towel bars, toilet paper holders, door pulls, and mirrors.
    • Difficulty: Easy
      unless of course you hate shopping
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      Tools List

      • 16-foot tape measure
        Tape measure, used to measure fixtures

      Shopping List

      1. Sketch of bathroom

      showing all critical components and dimensions

      2. Bath-design magazines, books and catalogs,

      used as reference to show dealer which style fixtures you like

      3. Pad and pencil,

      used to record dimensions and model numbers of fixtures and fittings