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      Tools List

      • Wallpaper scoring tool
        Wallpaper scoring tool
        used to perforated wallpaper
      • garden sprayer
        Pump-type garden sprayer
        used to apply wallpaper stripper
      • Wallpaper steamer
        Wallpaper steamer
        used to soften wallpaper
      • paint scraper
        Assorted scrapers and putty knives
        used to remove softened wallpaper
      • scrub brush
        Coarse scrubbing pads
        for cleaning away glue residue

      Shopping List

      1. Ladders and staging planks,

      used to comfortably reach high walls

      2. Drop cloths,

      to protect floors

      3. Liquid wallpaper stripper,

      applied to wall with garden sprayer

      4. Hot water,

      is mixed with stripper

      5. Bucket,

      used to hold water