• In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O'Connor explains how to cut glass.


    1 Lay damp rag on clean workbench, set glass on top.
    2 Clean glass with window cleaner.
    3 Measure and mark the glass for cutting.
    4 Use duct tape to secure straightedge to glass.
    5 Lubricate wheel on glass cutter with cutting oil.
    6 Guide glass cutter along straightedge in one continuous pass to score the glass.
    7 Peel up tape and remove straightedge.
    8 Use tapper on cutter to lightly strike backside of glass along the scored line.
    9 Lay glass flat with scored line over edge of workbench; press down to snap glass.
    • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
      It takes a little practice and patience to feel comfortable handling a glass cutter
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      Tools List

      • Glass cutter
      • 100-foot tape measure
        Tape measure
        used to measure glass
      • framing square
        Framing square
        used as a straightedge for cutting glass

      Shopping List

      1. Glass

      2. Cotton rag

      used to cushion glass for cutting

      3. Window cleaner and clean rag or paper towels

      4. Leather gloves 5. Cutting oil

      used to lubricate cutting wheel on glass cutter

      6. Indelible marker

      used to mark cutting line on glass

      7. Duct tape

      used to hold straightedge to glass