• In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and host Kevin O'Connor share pro tips for cutting energy costs with strategic tree planting.

    1 When building a new home, face front of house toward the south for solar heat gain.
    2 In colder climates, plant evergreen trees on north side of house to block winter winds.
    3 Plant deciduous trees on south side of house to block summer sun.
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    • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
      depending on the number of trees planted
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      Tools List

      • pointed shovel
        Shovel or backhoe
        used to dig tree hole
      • hand cultivator
        Three-prong cultivator
        used to loosen root ball
      • 30-foot tape measure
        Tape measure
        for measuring diameter of root ball
      • sledge hammer
        for pounding in tree stakes
      • wire strippers
        Wire cutter
        for cutting wire used to stake up tree

      Shopping List

      1. Tree

      2. Topsoil

      3. Tarp

      used to hold topsoil

      4. Compost

      is added to topsoil

      5. Starter fertilizer

      is added to topsoil

      6. Superphosphorous

      is added to topsoil

      7. Wooden stakes

      for supporting tree

      8. Wire

      for tying stakes to tree

      9. Short garden hose sections

      placed around wire to protect tree