Durable Gutter Patch
Illustration by Narda Lebo
Standing puddles of water can corrode steel and aluminum gutters and eventually make them leak. Fixing a rotted section quickly extends the life of your old gutters by keeping the corrosion from spreading.

First, thoroughly wash and dry the corroded area to remove all dirt, grit and grime. Sand the area to bare metal, then cut a metal patch several inches longer than the rotted section. Use galvanized metal, aluminum, or copper flashing, available at home centers and lumberyards. Bend the patch as needed so it conforms to corners, test its fit, and mark its location with a pencil.

Remove the patch and spread a thick layer of roofing cement with a putty knife or scrap of wood to cover the entire area inside the pencil marks. Embed the patch in the cement, pressing down firmly. Then apply a second coat of cement over the entire patch and beyond it onto the gutter as shown. Roofing cement is available in cans and in cartridges for use with a caulking gun.
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