The TOH Top 100 Best New Home Products

When it comes to innovation, tech companies get all the glory these days—especially, we've noticed, as it relates to the home. Indeed, smart-home gear is everywhere, including within the pages of this issue (see “High-Tech Ways to Make Entertaining Easier,” page 45). That's fine. And though we've selected a few such products to receive the TOH Top 100 mantle—we couldn't resist the brilliant DIY security camera on page 73—our mandate goes well beyond stuff made with silicon. We're talking about a clever spit to oven-roast the perfect chicken (page 66), trash bags that stand up by themselves (page 76), a suite of moldings with matching doors (page 79), and a drywall knife notched to leave the ideal joint in its wake (page 71). These are decidedly low-tech yet very smart, and they possess a quality we value above all others: They make owning or renovating a home a better experience. Which is to say, they deserve some glory too.
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