salvaged door used as a front to a built in refrigerator to hide the unit while fitting seamlessly to the vintage look of this modern kitchen
Photo: J. Curtis
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Paneled Fridge

Those are a few quirky custom touches the family came up with on their own, including a way to avoid buying a pricey built-in fridge with a custom panel to blend in with the cabinets.

Eric shopped for a salvaged five-panel door, figuring he could cut it in half and affix it to the fridge's front. To reduce the door's weight, he planed it. ("That took the better part of an afternoon," he says.) Then he used screws and wood strips to create cleats to attach it. The fridge is boxed in to look like an old-fashioned pantry, with space above for air to circulate. He finished the small cabinet doors up top with vintage ice-box hinges.

Refrigerator: KitchenAid
Refrigerator door knob, icebox hinges, and hutch latch and pulls: Grandpa Snazzy's Hardware,Denver, CO, (303) 778-6508
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