Step 3: Set Up the Pipe

Buy enough 4-inch-diameter PVC pipe to reach from the end of the downspout to a point 14 to 16 inches into the hole. Also buy an elbow and a downspout adaptor (shown). Remove the existing elbow from the bottom of the downspout. Then, dry-fit the pieces and lay the pipe in the trench. Once you have a good fit, glue the pieces together with PVC cement.
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    Tools List

    • trenching shovel
      Spade shovel
    • tarp
      Plastic or canvas tarp
    • wheelbarrow
    • two-foot level
    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • hammer
    • drill
    • reciprocating saw
      Reciprocating saw

    Shopping List

    1. Flo-Well dry well

    2. Overflow emitter

    3. Landscape fabric

    4. ¾-inch rounded stone, washed

    5. 4-inch-diameter PVC pipe6. 4-inch-diameter 90-degree elbow

    7. Downspout adaptor

    8. PVC cement

    9. Stainless-steel sheet-metal screws