an exploded view of planter/trellis construction
Illustration: Gregory Nemec



You can use the cut list below or Download and print the privacy planter cut list here.

2x4 pressure-treated horizontal rail, front and rear:
four @ 55 ½ inches
2x4 pressure-treated vertical center support, front and rear:
four @ 13 inches
2x4 pressure-treated vertical support, end:
four @ 20 inches
2x4 pressure-treated horizontal rail, end:
four @ 9 ½ inches
5/4x6 pressure-treated base plates:
three @ 16 inches
5/4x6 pressure-treated floorboards:
ten @ 16 inches
1x6 cedar sheathing, front and rear:
eight @ 59 ¼inches
1x6 cedar sheathing, ends:
eight @ 17 ¼ inches
5/4x6 cedar trellis legs:
two @ 70 ¼ inches
5/4x6 cedar trellis top trim:
one @ 76 inches
1x6 cedar trellis horizontal slat:
four @ 60 inches
1x3 cedar trellis horizontal slat:
three @ 60 inches
2x2 cedar trellis vertical pickets:
seventeen @ 47 ½ inches
1x3 cedar rear cap trim:
one @ 60 inches
1x4 cedar front cap trim:
one @ 62 ½ inches
1x4 cedar end cap trim:
two @ 16 ½ inches

Day-to-day timeline
SATURDAY Build the planter frame and sheathe it in cedar (steps 1-9).
SUNDAY Create and attach the cedar trellis (steps 10-17).
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      miter saw
    • adjustable clamp
    • drill
    • jigsaw
      jigsaw to notch boards
    • socket wrench
      socket wrench to tighten hex nuts
    • combination square
      combination square to mark cutlines

    Shopping List

    2x4 pressure-treated boards
    Get two 8-footers and three 6-footers to build the planter frame.

    5/4x6 pressure-treated decking
    Get one 8-footer and two 6-footers for the floor and base.

    1x6 cedar trim
    Get four 8-footers and eight 6-footers to sheathe the planter and make the trellis.

    5/4x6 cedar decking
    Get one 8-footer and two 6-footers to make the trellis frame.

    1x3 cedar trim
    Get one 8-footer and four 6-footers to make the trellis screen and rear cap trim.

    2x2 cedar pickets
    Get 17 4-footers for the trellis screen.

    1x4 cedar trim
    Get one 8-footer to make the front and side cap trim.2-inch and 2½-inch deck screws to assemble the planter frame and trellis

    1-inch stainless-steel trim-head screws to fasten the cedar boards

    3-inch-diameter casters
    Get four (two locking), each rated to 250 pounds.

    ¼-by-1½-inch galvanized hex-head machine bolts plus washers and nuts
    Get 16 of each to attach the casters.

    -by-4-inch galvanized carriage bolts plus washers and nuts
    Get six of each to the attach the trellis to the planter.

    teak oil

    ¾–inch crushed stone
    Get four 50-pound bags to fill the bottom of the planter.

    landscape fabric to line the planter box