timber shed
Photo: Smith/Baer
This handsome garden shed features a post-and-beam frame made with 6x6 timbers.
Homeowners have always had a love/hate relationship with backyard sheds. We love the extra storage space, but hate the way they look. That's because the average prefabricated storage building is an unattractive, cheaply made sheet-metal or plywood box with all the durability of a rice-paper umbrella. This explains why many sheds are relegated to the deepest, darkest corner of the backyard. Some neighborhood associations have even banned outbuildings altogether because they consider them eyesores. However, there's no reason that a shed can't be well designed and solidly constructed — a building that actually enhances the beauty of your yard, home and neighborhood. If this is the type of backyard building you've been looking for, your search is over. Presented here are three attractive structures that offer much more than just storage space. Each building can easily be adapted for use as a potting shed, workshop, children's playhouse, home office or retreat to write the great American novel. If you are inspired to add one of these structures to your yard, mail-order building plans are available for the Adirondack Cabin and Timber Garden Shed. The Solar Shed is sold as an easy-to-assemble kit. However, before getting started, be sure to submit the plans to the local building department and get a building permit.
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