how to hang a hammock
Photo: Ellen McDermott

1. Soft-Weave Hammock, $220; Hatterash Hammocks
2. Twintex Single-Layer Hammock, $139; Twin Oaks Hammocks
3. Fabric 2-Point Hammock, $100; The Algoma Company
4. Large Quilted Fabric Hammock, $200; Pawleys Island Hammocks
"A little care is needed to make sure hammocks don't hurt your trees," says Tchukki Andersen, an arborist with the Tree Care Industry Association. Here are her tips for achieving maximum comfort with minimal impact:

• Look for healthy hardwood trees at least 38 inches in circumference.

• The trees should be spaced so the hammock is taut when you hang it—a distance one foot longer than your hammock should suffice.

• Install eyebolts at least 2 inches into the tree; they should be 3/8 inch or larger in diameter. Place them 5 to 6 feet high so you won't bottom out.

• Finally, pick your hammock! Our favorites offer more heft than their cocoon-shaped cousins, featuring extra-wide designs and breathable fabrics. They're perfect for taking a load off after a long, hard day.
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