Wood flooring is often the best trait of a period home— unless Fido is your housemate. Then it's harder to maintain an old-world feel for fear toenails and occasional piddles will mar the oak or pine boards. If you're staring a remodel, bamboo is a stain-resistant replacement. But to protect what you've got, check out the other attractive options we sniffed out.

1. Pamper the floors and your furry friend by laying down rugs of organic fibers—like seagrass, mountain grass, and sisal—that shake off dirt and look natural on hardwood.

Seagrass and mountain grass, approx. $1.56 per square foot, sisal, #3; all available at Sisalrugs.com

2. Wool carpet tiles can be replaced one at a time if soiled, or just pulled up and rinsed under cool water.
Wool carpet, approx. $7-$31 per tile (minimum 6); Florcatalog.com

3. Vinyl tiles resist moisture and can be switched out. Spray-on adhesive fixes them to a plastic liner, not to your floor.
Vinyl tiles, approx. $5 per tile; Miyoflooring.com

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