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Give your house an annual physical. Here's what to look for.
Use this detailed checklist as a guide as you look around for leaks, cracks, breaks, wear, and every other conceivable problem that can develop over the year. Then make a repair list to keep up on maintenance in the coming months.

Check trees around the house to be sure they're not threatening wires.
Open the panel and look for new scorch marks around breakers or fuses. Also check outlets for scorch marks, which could be a sign of loose and sparking wires.
Look for loose outlet covers, receptacles, and loose boxes, which may have to be refastened to the studs while the power is turned off.
Test all GFCI outlets by plugging in a lamp and then hitting the test and reset buttons to see if it turns the light off and then on again.
Go around with a electrical tester (or lamp) to make sure all outlets work

Download a printable version of the entire Yearly Checklist here.

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