woman standing in a kitchen holding up a blue and white peony cutting of next to a vase already holding peonies, and she's holding a kitchen lighter to the base of the cutting. A closeup of the lighter and stem is inset in the photo

19 Reader Tips That Save Time and Money

TOH readers' best time-saving tricks, inventive problem-solvers, and ingenious discoveries

Gardette-LePetre House

13 American Murder Houses

Lore has it the spirits of violent crime victims remain after their corporeal existence has ended. These murder houses literally have personalities all their own

closeup of the rectangular pet camera sitting on top of a black surface with a dog visible to the right and a shelf in the backround

How to Get Your (Smart) Home Connected

14 smart electronic gadgets that help streamline your home and reduce energy costs

Roger Cook shows a homeowner how to properly mulch garden beds

How to Mulch a Garden Bed

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows a homeowner how to properly mulch garden beds

Quick Fix to Plug a Drafty Window

See how plastic wrap comes to the rescue from The Snug

this old house senior technical editor mark powers using a paint brush on a deck rail and  balusters in how to refresh a deck

How to Restore a Deck

Follow the prep instructions carefully and paint on a specialty coating to preserve weathered boards for years to come

ranch style house with a solar panel area installed on the roof, set under a clear, blue sky

Read This Before You Invest in Solar Panels

What to know about these energy-saving systems

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