Roger Cook and homeowner resuscitate a dying lawn

How to Fix a Patchy, Weedy Lawn

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook resuscitates a dying lawn

yard and garden tools

8 Fast Fall Fixes

Easy ways to improve your home as Fall approaches

tree house with long walkway

10 Treehouses That Are Nicer Than Your House

A loftier approach to real-estate envy

Amy Hughes among salvaged antiques

Fast Fixes for Flea-Market Finds

TOH's salvage expert shares eight simple spruce-ups for secondhand wood, metal, and painted pieces—no refinishing required

Let These Houseplants Clean Your Air

Plants that do double duty clearing out pollutants in your indoor air

marble countertop

8 Popular House Features We Wish Would Go Away

The editors of This Old House would like to see these common home-design choices fall out of fashion—fast

TOH Downloadable Lessons

Pro Advice on 6 Top Home Investment Projects

From installing a deck to replacing windows, TOH editors answer all your questions in these downloadable lessons

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