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Fill in the Garden

Photo by Ellen Rooney/Getty Images

Bare spots in your beds? Add groupings of container plants to fill them out. Since potted plants dry out faster than those in the ground, add water-retaining crystals to the potting mix to keep the soil moist.

Turn off the Sprinklers

Photo by Enrico Fianchini/Getty Images

Avoid a soggy lawn by tapering off watering two to three days before hosting a cookout.

Refresh Mulch

Photo by skhoward/Getty Images

Adding a new layer will brighten up garden beds. If you've already got a good 1 to 2 inches down, give it a stir to revive the color.

Add Some Light

Photo by Joe Fox/Getty Images

Use solar lamps or lanterns to illuminate walkways or steps so that guests unfamiliar with the terrain can find their footing.

Trim Overgrown Greenery

Photo by Photos Lamontagne/Getty Images

Pay particular attention to branches hanging near the grill station—they could pose a hazard if the flame erupts.

Edge Garden Beds

Photo by Ron Evans/Getty Images

Use a half-moon edger to create crisp, clean lines around beds and borders.