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In this video, learn how to build a bat house.


1. Cut a 2-by-4-foot piece of plywood into a 26-inch piece and a 22-inch piece.

2. Trace the bat design onto the bottom of the 22-inch piece using curved cutouts or a template. 3. Clamp the workpiece to a table. Use a jigsaw to cut out the bat design.

4. Cut three 1x2 pieces: one at 24 inches and two at 19 inches.

5. Caulk and screw the 1x2s to the back of the house with the 24-inch piece at the top and the shorter pieces coming part-way down the sides.

6. Paint the inside of the house black. Paint the outside of the house a deep color that will blend in with the surroundings.

7. Staple mesh on the inside of the house.

8. Caulk and screw on the front.

9. Caulk and screw on the bat cutout, leaving a ½-inch space between it and the larger front piece.

10. Hang the bat house on a building or from a pole, at least 15 feet up.

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