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How to Set Up a First-Time Workshop

In this DIY Smarts, general contractor Tom Silva helps a young woodworker set up her first workshop.

It all starts with a workbench

Kids that are into building and fixing need a place to work and store their tools. A workbench with a shelf underneath should meet the majority of their needs. Workbenches that stand roughly 34 inches to the work surface are best for kids, and a depth of approximately 30 inches keeps everything within reach.

Pegboard adds organization

Pegboard makes an excellent solution for organizing tools. Attach a sheet to some 1x2-inch furring strips to the back of the pegboard using CA glue and an activator spray. Once attached, screw through the face of the pegboard, through the 1x2 frame, and into the wall studs.

Fill the shop with tools

A kids’ workshop doesn’t need to be fully stocked overnight. They can collect tools as they need them (and as their allowance adds up). However, some tools and materials that they might consider adding to their workshop include:

Everything for your first-time workshop can be found at The Home Depot.

Add some inspiration

No kids’ workshop is complete without some inspiration. There are tons of books available for kids with project plans. Be sure to add one to the pegboard and keep enough lumber on hand for when inspiration hits.