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Best Gifts for Woodworkers

A few top-requested accessories for your favorite carpenters (or aspiring carpenters).

Parallel Clamp Set


Carcass construction, as well as doors and frames, benefit from the precision of clamps. Two 24" and two 31" clamps fill the needs of most woodworking projects. Passive lock bottom design keeps the jaw in place while winding the clamp, with up to 1,100 lbs. of consistently even pressure. Padded jaws prevent damage to your material.

About $160; Woodcraft

Leather Tool Roll


Handmade with full-grain leather, this roll comfortably holds and protects 10 medium-sized hand tools, or a variety of small to medium-sized hand tools.

About $34; Amazon

Tree Hut Wood Watches


Tree Hut is a small team of 20 people dedicated to handmaking a variety of watches in their San Francisco studio. Each watch is naturally unique and handcrafted out of real wood. You can get personalized messages engraved into the back of each piece. Order a Treehut design (limited quantities) or design your own.

Shown here (clockwise, top left): North Chocolate Walnut Gold ($195), All Bamboo Zebrawood Anza ($120), NOVA ($85), All Zebrawood + Olive Ash ($130)

Starts at about $85 (+$25 for engraving);

Woodcarver's Shop Journal


Give your favorite woodworker a place to preserve a permanent record of what they carve and how they carve it. Having this essential information organized and accessible in a shop journal will prove invaluable for achieving success on repeat projects—as well as ensure a useful record of the lessons you've learned. Keep tool checklists, reference tables, and fill in the blank Table of Contents.

About $17; Amazon

Laser Level and Square

This square projects horizontal and vertical chalk lines on any surface up to 30 feet to help you square, align, and angle at 90 degrees. Features an alignment guide for 90-degree layout and calculates and turns angles in 5-degree increments. Simple one-button operation powers two perpendicular laser lines (90-degrees) on and off.

About $45; Amazon

Wood-turning Chuck Bundle

Teknatool added two new features to the NOVA G3 Chuck and included additional jaws to create this bundle. A new Reverse Lock enables the NOVA G3 chuck to be locked securely onto the lathe spindle when using the forward and reverse functions. The four jaw, self-centering, geared NOVA G3 also has a new dedicated 1" 8 TPI thread and can be used with any lathe that fits those specifications.

About $210; Woodcraft

9" Shinto Saw Rasp

This flat rasp is made from 10 hardened teeth saw blades held together by rivets. It features both coarse and fine sides with the teeth oriented to cut on the push stroke. The teeth are designed to help prevent clogging but also to be easily cleaned should the need arise.

About $18; Amazon

Bench Cookie Work Grippers

These grippers are versatile, non-slip bench pads that lift, grip, and protect your work. With their high-friction rubber surfaces and durable cores, they prevent projects from slipping as you plane, sand, carve, assemble, and more. They can also elevate your work, providing clearance for routing or finishing jobs.

About $25; Amazon

Digital Tape Measure

The eTape16 digital tape measure features a large digital display that provides easy reading and readily-available advance features. Advanced features include 3-memory recall, US or metric unit switcher, centerline calculation, re-zero and Inside/Outside measurements.

About $30; Amazon

Leather Welding Apron


Bib pockets and hooks keep your most-needed tools at the ready, while leather apron protects you and your clothing while you work.

About $20; Amazon

*This post includes affiliate shopping links