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S41 E8: Tanks for the Propane

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In this episode:

Kevin O'Connor opens the episode in the new basement, formally the garage, where the homeowners want to make a modest home gym and use the rest for utilities and storage.

A new furnace is already in place. Upstairs the finish woodworking has started, and in the living area there are two new sets of slider doors that lead out to what will soon be a deck.

In the backyard, a trench has been dug for a new pipeline. Richard Trethewey is with propane supplier Peter Sherman who has brought a 1,000-gallon steel propane tank that will be buried. The tank is filled 85% with liquid and the rest is vapor. It has to stay under constant pressure to maintain a steady flow of vapor into the house. Even though it’s not required for this particular project, Richard demonstrates how in-ground tanks in high water table locations need to be anchored down.

Norm Abram shows apprentice Kathryn the durable composite decking that will be used for the new deck. They begin with setting the perimeter boards, and then they start to work on the field pieces using the special slots to space each board and screw it down to the joists.

Inside, Kevin finds Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor working on the coffered ceiling. Mineral wool was put above for sound dampening, then 1x6 inch v-groove poplar was nailed into the field. Now they’re building the crown molding in a picture frame on the table and lifting it up to be installed in one unit to create a coffered ceiling in a grid pattern.

Down the hall the old bedrooms have been converted to a laundry room, playroom and home office. Courtney Cavanagh is a local designer who worked with Scott and Shayla on creating cabinets and book storage in the office. Courtney shows Kevin the design on the computer and they look at the system of partitions and shelves being installed.

Outside Mark McCullough is at the new chimney with Buck Sharpe. The gas fireplace vent has been boxed in with plywood and covered with a weather barrier and cement board. Now Buck is using an architectural stone veneer that’s lightweight and easy to cut. He applies it to look like dry-stacked stone.

Original Air Date: November 24, 2019 Season 41; Ep.08 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Composite Decking
Manufacturer: Deckorators

Manufacturer: Rockwool

Contractor: Sharpe Construction

Office Shelving System
Supplier: California Closets

Propane Tank
Supplier: Newport Propane

Stone Veneer
Manufacturer: Eldorado Stone

Manufacturer: Lifespan Solid Select