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S41 E5: Decking for Beginners

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In this episode:

Kevin arrives to the house to find Tommy outside teaching the apprentices how to set posts and beams to frame for a new deck.

On the exterior, where the first floor meets the second floor, is a flared edge detail that runs all the way around the house. Jeff shows Kevin how his crew will use 150 precut rafter tails made of laminated finger-jointed lumber to frame the flare or “sweep”.

The homeowners meet with Jenn to talk about hardscape around the property. Steps and walkways will be needed to access the home. Jenn discovers that Westerly was at one point an important supplier of granite to the entire country. These days Westerly granite is harder to come by, as few quarries and stone cutters remain.

There is a day in every This Old House apprentices’ life when they learn to install a window. Kevin finds Jeff at the head of the class with Kathryn, De’Shaun, and Ryan soaking up the knowledge. Once the window is in, Jeff shows them how to make sure it’s square.

With stud walls in, rough plumbing has begun. Richard works with plumber Josh as well as Jeff to find a solution for a drain from an upstairs toilet that’s located right above a structural double joist.

Original Air Date: November 3, 2019 Season 41; Ep.05 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Cast and Crew Lodging
Side Trip: The Margin Street Inn

Coastal Forest Products
Supplier: Coastal Forest Products

Granite Quarry
Supplier: Comolli Granite

Granite Quarry
Side Trip: Rawson Materials

J N Jordan Plumbing
Contractor: J N Jordan

Manufacturer: Lamco

Roof rafter tails
Contractor: Dwyer Hardwoods

Weather membrane
Supplier: GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace Residential Building Materials)