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S41 E3: The Open Concept

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In this episode:

The old ranch house will soon gain a second level. The open concept living space requires extra planning for support of the second story.

Now that the first floor walls are framed, Jeff is ready to place the main support beam. Kevin finds the crew maneuvering the 1200 pound PSL beam. The new deck off the back of the house will block the existing basement windows.

The homeowners want some light in the basement incase they decide to later improve the space. Kevin watches as a hole is cut in the old foundation for a basement window. Jeff and his team are big fans of the laminated strand lumber used for framing on this project. Kevin travels to Kenora, Canada to find out how and where it comes from. Plant manager Bill Candline gives him a tour. Back at the project, framing continues on the new upper level of the house. Tommy, Jeff and Jeff’s crew are ready to raise the new gable ends.

Original Air Date: October 20, 2019 Season 41; Ep.03 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Cast and Crew Lodging
Side Trip: The Margin Street Inn

Concrete cutter
Contractor: RI Concrete Coring & Cutting

Manufactured dimensional lumber
Supplier: Weyerhaeuser

Weather membrane
Supplier: GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace Residential Building Materials)