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S41 E4: Raise a Second Story

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In this episode:

With the gables installed on both sides of the addition, Kevin O'Connor finds Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor building and raising the narrow gambrel roof profiles on either end.

The next step is to stand the two second floor dormer walls on the long sides of the house. With the windows framed out, Tom and Kevin throw in with Jeff and his crew to finish sheathing before they raise the walls. As part of the Generation Next initiative, each season apprentices are invited to join the building team so they can learn on the job. Kevin introduces the three newest apprentices, Kathryn Fulton, Ryan Dolan, and De’Shaun Burnett. Each come to the jobsite with a different background story and are ready to dive in with the crew.

The original house had the most basic of waste water systems, a cesspool. The new construction means the homeowners must upgrade their system. Richard Trethewey meets with engineer Jeff Balch to find out the modern plan for waste water—including a biological system that significantly reduces the amount of nitrogen that’s released to a leaching field.

Meanwhile, heavy lifting continues as Jeff’s team wraps up framing the second story and attic of the house. Kevin assists Jeff with installing the LVL ridge. Tom shows the three new apprentices how to measure and cut the roof rafters while the rest of the crew starts to install them.

Original Air Date: October 27, 2019 Season 41; Ep.04 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Apprenticeship program in New Orleans
Contractor: unCommon Construction

Cast and Crew Lodging
Side Trip: The Margin Street Inn

Manufactured dimensional lumber
Supplier: Weyerhaeuser

Septic Engineer
Expert assistance: Frisella-Balch Engineering

Weather membrane
Supplier: GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace Residential Building Materials)