Los Angeles | Roof Tiles & Richard's Water Story

Host Kevin O'Connor arrives at the house to find the new clay roof tiles on site as well as the custom windows and doors. They meet the strict California energy codes, with a combination of tempered glass and low-E coatings. Roofing contractor John Dybas returns to show Kevin the plan they've come up with for the new roof. Down in Corona, California, Kevin sees how piles of clay and sand are mixed with water and fire to produce our roof tiles. Back in Silver Lake, John shows Kevin the polypropylene underlayment he's using, the flashing details, and how his expert crew sets the tiles along the ridges using nails, mortar, and hand tools. Out on the reservoir, the director of operations for the LADWP, Marty Adams, shows plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey how the neighborhood landmark has been providing LA with drinking water, and why it is being taken offline. Up in Griffith Park, they go 35 feet below ground to see the new water supply infrastructure. Back at the house, stucco specialist Alfonso Garcia evaluates the condition of our stucco.

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