Jersey Shore | Stories from Sea Level

Kevin meets local surfer Sam Hammer to find out why "If you can surf Jersey, you can surf anywhere." They discuss surfing both before and after the storm; Kevin gets a lesson and tries to get up on a board for the first time! Back in Bay Head, the house has been lifted to its final height. Because they are now in a FEMA "A" zone, they are not required to do pilings, but are instead doing footings and concrete piers to support the house. GC Kevin D'Anunciaçao explains the design to Norm, and the complications of trying to pour footings at a property that's at sea level. On the Pt. Pleasant project, Kevin points out why fiber cement siding makes sense. Brian Betz shows some tricks for installing the composite decking he's provided for the project, what it's made of, and how it is going down with hidden fasteners. The icing on the cake is a cool vinyl railing system that incorporates a clear guardrail and a horizontal piece of decking as a railing cap. Not surprisingly, the first house done is the modular new house. Richard meets builder Anthony Zarrilli for a victory lap as the punch list is completed. Pre-finished golden teak flooring has been installed, and other finishes like hardware, lighting, and efficient plumbing fixtures add the final touches. Having opened the show at the ocean, we close with marine biologist Chris Wojcik and a look at the Barnegat Bay estuary, designed by nature as a beautiful, wild place that incubates most of the area's marine life. Responsible coastal development along the bay now will make it more resilient when the next storm comes

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