Jersey Shore | Drastic Measures

Back on the Jersey Shore, Norm meets Bay Head homeowner Thacher Brown as he leads a group of determined beachfront homeowners to pool their own resources to build a stone and sand revetment. Norm meets GC Kevin D'Anunciaçao to see how he's prepped the Bay Head house for the first of two lifts. The house-lifting contractors, led by Mitch Wilbanks, set the cribbing and thread the steel beams through the windows. They're lifting the house only four feet this time, and from the second floor structure. At the Point Pleasant project, Kevin finds homeowner Carlos Santos mired in some scheduling setbacks: the lifting crew has finally arrived but is only getting the cribbing and steel installed in the crawlspace. Richard meets up with Rita Gurry to say a last tearful goodbye to her little mold-ridden Cape as the demolition crew moves in, tears it down, and carts the debris away. Norm meets structural engineer Patrick Cronin, who explains a FEMA A zone versus a V zone, what types of foundations and pilings are required for each, and why. We see how a house properly engineered can (and did) withstand a Superstorm like Sandy.

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