Jersey Shore | After the Storm

In October of 2012, Superstorm Sandy tore through the most populated region of the United States, leaving millions without power and hundreds of thousands of homes in ruins. Some of the worst damage was sustained on the Jersey Shore, so Kevin, Norm and Richard break with This Old House tradition to introduce not one, but three different homeowners who, despite financial hardship, miles of red tape, and lots of unanswered questions, are determined to rebuild. In the barrier island town of Bay Head, Norm meets Jed and Chris Laird, whose 1880's shore cottage had to be gutted after it was flooded under three feet of seawater. Nearby on the mainland in Point Pleasant, Carlos and Maria Santos' family of six was left homeless by the storm; Kevin learns how they plan to raise their 1950's Colonial ten feet in the air to protect it from future floods. And in Manasquan, Rita Gurry tells Richard the heartbreaking story of how, after she'd just made her last mortgage payment, she took one look at the mold Sandy left inside her flooded 1940 Cape and decided to tear it down and start fresh with a new modular home. Over eight special episodes, This Old House follows these intrepid homeowners on the path to recovery—learning lessons along the way about both the pitfalls and the best practices of coastal building in a post-Sandy world.

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