Essex | A Home for Mom and Dad

Norm and Kevin round out the Essex experience with a visit to one of its most iconic antiques shops, The White Elephant. Back at the house, the 2nd floor is nearly complete as Kevin finds Tom working on the interior screens for our signature casement windows. Downstairs, the last big project is installing the Dutch door that was late in coming for the passage between the kitchen and sun porch. Outside, electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin how he's lighting the way with sconces at the entry, LED fixtures in the trees for general lighting, and wall washers at the masonry walls for safety and effect. He's also installed an oversized generator that can power the entire house in an emergency. Richard gives homeowner John Corcoran an orientation to his basement and all of the cool new technology down there. Homeowner Julie Corcoran shows Norm the design choices she made for the caregiver suite. Downstairs, interior designer Keith Musinski shows host Kevin O'Connor the finished and furnished first-floor living area, where the accessibility is virtually invisible. Cozy, stylish and incorporating many principles of universal design, the living is easy for homeowner Julie Corcoran's parents, who arrive to join the family at the end of the day.

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