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Richard gives Norm a recap of the whole process of installing the geothermal heating and cooling system for our accessible in-law house, and his son Ross Trethewey explains how the whole system comes together with the heat pumps in the basement. Upstairs, the heat has already warmed up the floors, and another tradesman's son is hard at work. Tile installer Mark Ferrante introduces Norm to his son Erik, who has been a helper for years, and is now putting down antique marble tiles in the mudroom/entryway. Kevin travels to Seattle, Washington to meet architect Emory Baldwin and tour the house he designed to suit the ages and abilities of every member of his family, both now and in the future, by employing principles of universal design. Back in Essex, we have an open floor plan as well: Kevin catches us up on the kitchen layout as Tom oversees the soapstone countertops arriving and going in. Interior designer Keith Musinski shows Kevin the custom tile he had created in England, as tile contractor Mark Ferrante installs the custom hand-painted window trim pieces. Finally, Tom brings in the island base—a modified antique farm table—and they place the last piece of soapstone as its top.

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