Carlisle | Shaping the Spaces

Landscape contractor Roger Cook shows host Kevin O'Connor how he's reusing the old foundation capstones as granite steps to connect the two driveways. Mason Mike Lapitsky explains to Kevin how he selects, chisels, and dry fits old New England fieldstone to create a farmer's wall. Inside the barn, master carpenter Norm Abram shows Kevin how the living hall is taking shape. Entomologist Ron Schwalb treats the old timbers for insects and mold using a borate-based solution. For inspiration, architect Jeremiah Eck takes Kevin to see a dramatic great room and Rumford fireplace at a home he's recently designed. Kevin lends Norm and general contractor Tom Silva a hand as they raise the ceilings in the future kids' room three inches to achieve much-needed headroom. Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey brings in well contractor Dave Hayes to test the flow and capacity of the existing well—with surprising results.

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