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Host Kevin O'Connor finds landscape contractor Roger Cook and his crew finishing up the bluestone terrace and retaining wall under the protection of a heated tent. Generator specialist John Barros shows Kevin the new standby generator that will restore power to the house is less than 30 seconds in the event of a power failure. In the barn, general contractor Tom Silva shows master carpenter Norm Abram the new parging on the chimney, and how he's recreating the look of the old barn loft on the new barn ceilings. Kevin visits one of the largest antique lighting restoration houses in New England to see if they can save our old barn fixture. In the master bath, Norm finds tile contractor Joe Ferrante laying out the recently arrived handmade tile. On the third floor of the barn, Kevin finds plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey installing the air handler that will provide cool air for the living hall, as well as a hydro-air unit that will provide both heating and cooling to the guest suite.

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