Bermuda | Sailing the Atlantic for the Next Project in Bermuda

With their course set for historic and sunny Bermuda, host Kevin O'Connor and master carpenter Norm Abram set sail aboard the "Island Raider" in search of a winter project house. They are met by Mayor E. Michael Jones, who decks them out in Bermuda shorts and shows them the best Bermuda has to offer: Fort St. Catherine, Hamilton's Front Street, and Horseshoe Bay Beach. Then, zipping through the narrow cobblestone streets of St. George's on mopeds (foreigners are forbidden to drive cars in Bermuda), Norm and Kevin arrive at Aunt Nea's Inn, where they meet potential This Old House homeowners Andrea Dismont and Delaey Robinson, local innkeepers who want to fix up a vacant and dilapidated c. 1805 Georgian on their property. The house, "Harbour View," needs a lot of work, so Kevin meets up with local architect Colin Campbell at a recently renovated home in Pembroke to see if he thinks the project is viable. Meanwhile, Norm tracks down general contractor Alan Burland at a commercial job he's running in Hamilton. Alan, an eleventh-generation Bermudian, assures Norm that he can handle the job. After weighing the pros and cons of working on a remote island 680 miles out at sea, Norm and Kevin tell Andrea and Delaey that although the renovation is going to be a challenge, This Old House is on board to help them out.

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