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In the premiere of the 15th season, Tom replaces sash balancers on an antique window. Roger and Kevin check out the benefits of a robotic lawnmower. And Richard talks about treating water with lead.

How to Replace Antique Window Sash Balancers
Tom goes to an 18th century home to replace antique window sash balancers.

Where to find it?
Tom installed antique window sash balancers manufactured by Pullman Manufacturing of Rochester, NY.

How to Safely Treat Water With Lead
Richard talks about lead safety and how to treat water when lead is found.

Where to find it?
Richard explains that in some places lead can still be found in piping leading into homes around the United States. It can leech into your water used for drinking, which is especially hazardous to pregnant women and young children. Water used for bathing and washing clothes is less hazardous, so it’s most important to focus on treating water that will be ingested (including from faucets and ice makers).

To test your water, you can purchase a home lead test kit from a home center, or you can have a water quality expert run a detailed test.

Most pitcher filters and whole house sediment filters will not treat for lead, however some faucet style filters can remove lead, including certain models manufactured by Brita.

To ensure that no foreign contaminants reach your drinking water, Richard recommends installing a point of use Reverse Osmosis system, which ensures everything except pure hydrogen and oxygen are filtered out. Richard demonstrated a Reverse Osmosis system manufactured by Aquasana.

How to Install a Robotic Lawnmower
Roger and Kevin review the benefits of a robotic lawnmower.

Where to find it?
Roger and Kevin installed the Automower 450x, a robotic lawnmower manufactured by Husqvarna.

The installation involved running a low voltage wire around the perimeter of the yard and around any obstacles, which all connect back to a charging station.

Later in the workshop, Roger showed the Automower 315, which is designed for smaller yards, and is also manufactured by Husqvarna.

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