Ask This Old House TV // Season 10 // Episode 23

Ask TOH | Solar PPA, Framing Walls

Alternative energy expert Ross Trethewey travels to San Francisco to learn about a new way to finance the installation of photovoltaic solar panels. Then, with the help of a local contractor, he installs a new solar power system for a homeowner. Afterward, general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner frame the walls for a basement-remodeling project.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement
Alternative energy expert Ross Trethewey installs solar panels that have been financed in a new way.

Where to find it?
Expert assistance and installation on this project was provided by:

Anukene Warda
Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions
San Francisco, CA

The solar financing company that the homeowner worked with on his power purchase agreement (sometimes called a "solar lease") is:

San Francisco, CA

The microinverters that convert the DC power generated by each panel to AC power were manufactured by:

Enphase Energy
Petaluma, CA

The solar panels that Ross and Anukene installed were Suntech Power STP240-20 modules, manufactured by:

Suntech Power

The installation of solar power involves penetrating a roof, wiring panels and inverters, and connecting to a house's electrical system. It is a job for a professional crew. Contact your local solar company for more information.

Framing New Interior Walls
Tom helps a homeowner frame new walls in her basement.

Where to find it?
Kiln-dried (KD) and pressure-treated (PT) lumber are available at home centers and lumber yards. Tom purchased the lumber for this project at .

The cordless nail gun that Tom uses is manufactured by Bostich and is available at home centers and specialty tool stores.

The powder-actuated gun that Tom used to attach the sill to the concrete floor is manufactured by Ramset. Please be aware, however, that operators must be licensed to use this tool.

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