Ask This Old House TV // Season 8 // Episode 20

Ask TOH | Small Kitchen Makeover

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey and general contractor Tom Silva head to Detroit to help a homeowner remodel her kitchen with new appliances, countertops, a backsplash, and even the kitchen sink! Then, landscaping contractor Roger Cook shares a viewer tip with host Kevin O'Connor on how to improve drainage in the bottom of a flower pot.

Small Kitchen Makeover
Richard and Tom head to Detroit, Michigan to help a homeowner update and improve her small kitchen. Projects included replacing the old countertop, sink, and appliances.

Where to Find It?
The new solid surface countertop and sink were fabricated and installed by:
Blasius, Inc

For more information about countertops or to locate a countertop installer in your area, visit

The solid-surface material was manufactured by Staron Surfaces and is available through The Home Depot.

The new kitchen appliances (including the stove, range hood & dishwasher) were manufactured by:
General Electric

Viewer Tip
Up in the loft, Roger shared a tip from a viewer on how to help water drain properly in the bottom of a flowerpot by using gravel wrapped in landscaping filter fabric.

Where to Find It?
Gravel and landscape fabric is available at home and garden centers.

The pre-made drainage discs that Kevin showed are manufactured by:
PotHoles Drainage Discs

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