Ask This Old House TV // Season 12 // Episode 19

Ask TOH | Seeds, Spigot, Island

Roger shows Kevin how to start plants from seed. Richard replaces an outdoor hose spigot with one that will never freeze. Tom builds a moveable kitchen island with Kevin.

Starting Plants from Seed
Roger shows Kevin how to start plants from seed.

Where to find it?
Roger used germination and planting trays manufactured by Jiffy. They are widely available at many garden centers.

The seedling heating mat and "Jump Start" grow light are manufactured by Hydrofarm.

Expert assistance was also provided by New England Nurseries and Mahoney's Garden Centers.

Frost-Proof Hose Spigot
Richard replaces an inaccessible outdoor hose spigot with one that will never freeze and can be easily operated.

Where to find it?
The frost-proof sillcock Richard installed is available in 8", 10", and 12" lengths from many home centers and plumbing supply houses.

The hammer drill and 1 ¼" masonry bit can be rented from many tool rental companies.

He used Great Stuff expanding foam to seal around the shaft of the new sillcock.

Building a Kitchen Island
Tom and Kevin build a moveable kitchen island from stock parts.

Where to find it?
Tom used upper cabinets attached back-to-back for the base unit. In this case, he used two 30" cabinets made by Hampton Bay and available at The Home Depot.

Tom used two swiveling 4" casters, and two stationary 4" casters, which he mounted to a piece of ¾" plywood. These are also available at The Home Depot.

For the top, Tom used the Numerär beech butcher block countertop with a mineral oil finish from Ikea.

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