Ask This Old House TV // Season 12 // Episode 09

Ask TOH | Routers, Frozen AC

Tom demonstrates many uses for a router. Richard replaces an air conditioning unit that freezes when it runs. And the guys ask "What Is It?"

Using a Router
Tom demonstrates the many uses for a wood router.

Where to find it?
Tom demonstrated a trim router, designed for one-hand use, and a standard router with a fixed-base and a plunge base.

He also demonstrated several router bits including:
• Straight-cutting bits
• Flush-cutting bits
• Roman-ogee bit

Wood routers and accessories are available at home centers and specialty woodworking shops.

What Is It?
Tom shows some plastic discs that are the size of a quarter, and the guys try to guess their intended use.

Where to find it?
StickNFind Stickers allow any tagged item to be located using a smartphone or tablet.

Frozen Air Conditioner
Richard troubleshoots an air conditioning coil that freezes up with use.

Where to find it?
Richard replaced a 4-ton air conditioner with a more appropriately sized 3-ton air conditioner.

Expert assistance on this project was provided by Papalia Plumbing and Air Purchases.

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