Ask This Old House TV // Season 12 // Episode 20

Ask TOH | Privacy Screen, Ductwork

Roger helps a homeowner plant a low-cost, low-maintenance privacy screen. Tommy demonstrates many uses for a speed square. Richard uses new technology to seal ductwork from the inside.

Low-Maintenance Privacy Screen
Roger helps a homeowner plant a low-cost, low-maintenance privacy screen.

Where to find it?
There are many factors to take into account when selecting plants for your yard. Be sure to consider the plant's size at maturity, growth rate, hardiness in your climate, and appearance.

For this project, Roger considered using arborvitae, fastigiate white pine, hicksii yew, hatfield yew, lilac, and several ornamental grasses. All are appropriate for locations in hardiness zones 4, 5, and 6 and are available at garden centers and nurseries in the Northeast.

Using a Speed Square
Tom demonstrates many ways to use a speed square and builds a holder for his tool belt.

Where to find it?
Speed squares (also called rafter squares) are available at home centers and hardware stores. The original speed square is still manufactured by Swanson Tool Company.

Tom built a custom speed square holder using a PVC baluster with a slot cut in it, a piece of ¾” plywood as a filler, and a screw as a stop. All of these materials are available at a home center.

Kevin also showed a manufactured speed square holster, made by Bucket Boss.

Sealing Ducts from the Inside
Richard uses a new technology to seal ducts from the inside.

Richard demonstrated sealing ducts using the Aeroseal System.

Expert assistance with this project was provided by Boucher Energy Systems.

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