Ask This Old House TV // Season 11 // Episode 26

Ask TOH | Painting Cabinets, Smart Thermostat

Host Kevin O'Connor travels to Chicago to learn how subway trains are serviced. While in Chicago, he helps a homeowner paint his kitchen cabinets. Then, landscape contractor Roger Cook teaches how to estimate the amount of landscape material by the cubic yard. Afterward, Richard installs a smart thermostat to reduce energy use.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Kevin travels to Chicago to help a homeowner paint kitchen cabinets.

Where to find it?
Kevin used the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kit in "Quilters White" to change the color of the homeowner's cabinets. The kit is available at home centers.

Kevin then appeared on the homeowner's public access cooking show, The Bungalow Chef.

Kevin also toured the maintenance facility of the Chicago Transit Authority.

Ask Roger: Cubic Yards
Roger shows how to estimate the proper amount of landscape material by the cubic yard.

Where to find it?
Roger gives two formulas for estimating cubic yards:

A cubic yard of material will cover 100 square feet to a depth of 3 inches.

To calculate cubic yards, multiply length by width. Then multiply the depth of material in feet (3" is .25 feet). Finally, divide by 27 to give you cubic yards.

There are also many online calculators that can help you determine the proper amount. Here's one from Summit Gravel.

Installing a Smart Thermostat
Richard installs a smart thermostat to reduce energy use.

Where to find it?
Richard installed the Nest thermostat, which is available at home centers and electronics stores.

He also demonstrated the Nest app, which is available on select smart phone and tablet platforms.

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