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Landscaping contractor Roger Cook visits Harvard University to learn about their new organic lawn-care program and shows host Kevin O'Connor how to make his own "compost tea." Then, Roger and Kevin, along with general contractor Tom Silva and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey ask, "What is it?" Afterward, Tom helps a homeowner prevent mildew in his attic by re-routing a bathroom fan that was improperly vented near a soffit.

Organic Lawn Care

Roger visits a landscape expert at Harvard University to learn about applying "compost tea" to a lawn. This mixture has helped create a lush, green lawn with minimal watering and fertilizing. Afterward, Roger shows Kevin how to build a compost tea brewer that can be used at home.

Where to Find It?

Information about Harvard's organic landscaping methods, including recipes for compost tea and instructions for making a home compost tea brewer, can be found at:

Harvard Facilities Maintenance Operations

What is It?

The guys try to guess the intended purpose of an unusual-looking product.

Where to find it?

Richard showed several small plastic devices used to hold the flaps of a cardboard box open while packing.

Tiger Tacos manufactured by Tiger Taco Industries, LLC

Correcting an improperly installed bathroom fan vent

Tom helped a homeowner with a bathroom fan that was venting moist air into his attic. The fan's vent was installed on the underside of a roof soffit, causing moist air to get sucked up into the attic, which was leading to mold and mildew problems. To correct the situation, Tom moved the vent onto the roof, being careful to flash it properly so there would be no leaks.

Where to Find It?

Bathroom fan vents can be found at most lumberyards and home centers.

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