Ask This Old House TV // Season 11 // Episode 15

Ask TOH | New Toilet, Lawn Patch

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey heads to Cheyenne, Wyoming to help a homeowner install a toilet. Then Richard, along with landscape contractor Roger Cook, host Kevin O'Connor, and general contractor Tom Silva ask "What Is It?" And, Roger and Kevin patch a lawn with grass seed.

Installing a New Toilet
Richard heads to Cheyenne, Wyoming to help a homeowner install a new toilet.

Where to find it?
All of the materials that Richard used to install the toilet, including a shut-off valve, supply hose, wax ring, and toilet bolts can be purchased at a home center or plumbing supply store.

The toilet that Richard installed was the Champion 4, manufactured by American Standard

What Is It?
Richard asks the guys to identify a battery-powered, red, metal tool.

Where to find it?
Richard demonstrated a tool that is used to unglue PVC pipes and fittings. The cordless Pipe Debonder uses a rechargeable battery to heat the pipe. After several minutes, the pipe may be pried out, leaving a clean fitting.

Patching a LawnRoger and Kevin patch a lawn with grass seed.

Where to find it?
Roger mowed the lawn short, then cut an edge with a half-moon edger. After he removed the damaged lawn, he added lime to the acidic soil.

Roger showed several types of grass seed, including Scotts Turf Builder with a cornstarch coating that allows the seed to absorb more water. The coating was developed by Zeba.

Roger repaired the lawn with Scotts EZ Seed, a lawn seed mix that included grass seed, starter fertilizer, and coconut fiber mulch.

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