Ask This Old House TV // Season 12 // Episode 06

Ask TOH | Leaky Skylight, Noisy Toilet

Tommy and Kevin replace a leaky skylight. Richard repairs a noisy toilet. And the guys ask "What Is It?"

Replacing a Skylight
Tommy and Kevin replace a leaky skylight.

Where to find it?
Tom & Kevin installed a Velux FS deck-mounted skylight. It is manufactured by Velux USA.

They also used Grace Vycor-Plus self-adhering flashing.

Other materials for this project, including roof shingles, sealant, and white pine trim stock, can be purchased at most lumberyards and home centers.

What Is It?
Roger shows an orange plastic tool with black rollers.

Where to find it?
The "Trimmer Support" string trimmer brace is manufactured by Dunn Manufacturing.

Repairing a Noisy Toilet
Richard repairs a noisy toilet.

Where to find it?
Richard installed the Flush All Replacement valve, manufactured by Keeney Manufacturing.

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